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About Us

We are highly trained professionals in game console repairs, Fixmi holds years of experience in this arena; we have the know-how to execute a reliable console repair.

Sometimes you try to work on the device or get a non-trained person, such as your friend or family member to get the problem fixed, They may have little knowledge on the product.

You are apprehensive to approach any unknown resources because you get skeptical on their capability, in doing this; you make the problem even worst.

We at Fixmi understand that you may feel apprehensive while getting your brand new device repaired from an unknown resource; we have an insight as to how precious your data is in your console. Therefore, we act very meticulously; the slightest mistake can cause you to lose trust and data.

We execute the troubleshooting process safely and precisely, so that your data is well-saved in your console.

We have a clean track record and provide the most effective service for your console repair. We include an exclusive console repair management system to fix each and every problem related to the device. You can contact us over the phone to get your problem diagnosed and fixed.